Our Experience & Philosophy

Here at Cutting Edge, our martial arts and defense/security skill development classes cover the range from sport fighting to practical application of techniques and tools in life threatening situations. From the onset, the goal of Cutting Edge has always been to develop our students into well-rounded practitioners of martial arts and personal protection.

Ultimately, our classes are not a competitive environment meaning that rather than pit our students against each other in a game of one-upmanship, we strive to make our students better versions of themselves -- more confident, more competent, and more fit -- and we aim to bring our students together as more than just a student body, but rather as a singular team. So, we are just as happy to see our students make incremental improvements as we are to see them make giant leaps in their progression.

We want our students to be part of something more. We want them to be part of a legacy that begins with the establishment of Cutting Edge Instructing & Consulting in 2008 by Nick Card and continues now with Cutting Edge Combatives, a new venture created in 2016 as a partnership between Nick and two of his black belts, Adrian Rubio and Pedro Bonano.