About the Class

This class is designed to provide a solid background in Mixed Martial Arts based fighting. Each class is broken down into blocks. The first block always incorporates core strengthening and conditioning. The second block incorporates striking skillsets. The third block incorporates throwing and wrestling tactics. The fourth block incorporates grappling, submission fighting, and counter-submission skills. The fifth (and final) block is a free fighting block that involves either free grappling, free randori, free boxing, free kicking, free wrestling, or free mma. We will also take time to research other fighting styles and improve our understanding of other styles and arts.

For several years, we've taught our MMA classes at the Horn Family YMCA. But the opportunity to move into a location that would allow us to better serve students, brought us to the conclusion that we should suspend our Tae Kwon Do classes for the time being and focus our efforts on our more popular Krav Maga and Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu students. Sharing the facility does mean that our available time slots are limited, but when the time comes, it's quite likely that we will re-establish our Tae Kwon Do program.